The Ebb Leicester is a support group for the families of prisoners and young offenders. We coordinate the Leicestershire Family First Service:7-5-4. There are 7 key points, where the families of prisoners intersect with the criminal justice system. We are developing 5 strategic responses to tackle the 4 factors- emotional distress- stigma- financial distress and the need for empowerment.

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Service Overview

We want to combat information neglect about who is impacted when someone is arrested and in the criminal justice system. If you have a story to share, please fill in our survey. We offer an Adult Peer Support Group Age 18+ for families and friends of people in the criminal justice system. Please email for details of time/venue.

Who Is This Service For?

Family and friends of people in the criminal justice system.

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MondayPhone advice noon till 5pm
TuesdayPhone advice noon till 5pm
WednesdayPhone advice noon till 5pm
ThursdayNoon till 3pm
FridayPhone advice noon till 5pm
SaturdayPhone advice noon till 5pm
SundayPhone advice noon till 5pm

Referral Procedure

Referral Procedure

No referral needed. All are welcome.


John Lewis

Phone Number

07388 699185