Homeless & worried about your mental health? Want someone to talk to? Need help?
There is a mental health service for people in Leicester who are homeless (e.g. rough sleeping, hostel/refuge/B&B, temp staying with friends / family) or are within three months of commencing a new tenancy from being homeless.

Come and talk to the Homeless Mental Health Service.

In a mental health emergency you can access support from your GP or Accident & Emergency Department at the Leicester Royal Infirmary or by calling the LPT Central Access Point on; 0808 800 3302

Service Information

Service Overview

Who are we?
We are small team consisting of mental health nurses, an occupational therapist, support worker, a psychologist & psychiatrist
What do we offer?
 A mental health assessment
 Access to mainstream mental health services
 Supportive counselling
 Brief psychological therapies
 Direction to other support services

What happens next?
Step 1
The first meeting is for an assessment to find out about your problems and needs.
 With one of the MH practitioners
 Will usually last about an hour
 Will be aimed at your needs
 Allow you time to talk about your problems
 Identify clear achievable goals
 Refer to other services (if required)
 Make arrangements for follow up
 Advise on where to access emergency support
Step 2
If you need on-going help, we then discuss with you and decide the best course of action to help you with either ‘Informal’ or ‘Formal’ support.
Informal support
You can see any member of the MH practitioner team covering the ‘drop-in’ sessions; this is usually for short term mental health problems such as: anxiety,
low mood or stresses relating to your circumstances
Formal support
Members of the team share your care; it will usually be because you have a long term mental illness such as Psychosis, Clinical Depression or Personality disorder.
In this case we may arrange an appointment with our psychiatrist or psychologist for further assessment /treatment.
Step 3
You may require further help; we can refer you on to other care / support services;
 Psychologist
 Psychiatrist
 Occupational Therapist
 Talking therapies (counselling)
 Mainstream mental health services
 Crisis Resolution Team
 Social Care
 GP service
 Drug & Alcohol services
 Housing Outreach / advice services

Who Is This Service For?

Anyone age 16+ who is experiencing homelessness (e.g. rough sleeping, hostel/refuge/B&B, temp staying with friends / family) or are within three months of commencing a new tenancy from being homeless.

Contact Details

Opening Times

Monday8.30am - 4.30pm
Tuesday8.30am - 4.30pm
Wednesday8.30am - 4.30pm
Thursday8.30am - 4.30pm
Friday8.30am - 4.30pm
Closed on bank holidays

Referral Procedure

Referral Procedure

Who can refer?
 Self referral by anyone who is homeless
 Any person in contact with someone who
is homeless

Where to find us?
During this COVID-19 crisis we are offering a limited service;
Contact us by phone directly, or present to the ‘drop-in’ service within the No 5 daycentre, Hill Street, Humberstone Gate,Leicester, LE1 3PT.
This is an ‘open door’ service to anyone who is homeless or temporarily accommodated to self-refer. If however you are already seeing someone from an LPT mental health
team or a drug or alcohol worker, please discuss your needs with them first, as they will be in a better position to help you. At the No 5 centre people can ask support
project staff to contact us. In this “drop-in” service, priority will be given to people presenting for the first time,otherwise it is on a ‘first come first served’ basis.
If we are unable to see you the same day, arrangements can be made to meet on another day. We also can see people face to face at the Maidstone Centre, (St Peters Health Centre) for urgent appointments. Appointments at other venues in Leicester can be arranged as required.