Leicester’s Homelessness Charter is pleased to be launching a new project which focuses on migrant homelessness and destitution in Leicester. The project, due to take place over the summer months, aims to learn from the personal experiences of people affected and gain a deeper understanding of the scale of the issue in Leicester.

Through conducting interviews with people affected by homelessness, as well as gathering data from local agencies set up to support migrants, refugees and asylum seekers who are facing destitution, the project will explore the additional barriers that an individual’s immigration status or ‘no recourse to public funds’ condition can place on their ability to access help and support if they find themselves without a home.

The work has been made possible thanks to an Innovation Fund grant from World Habitat, as part of Leicester’s ongoing involvement in the European End Street Homelessness Campaign, a network of city-led campaigns from across Europe working to end street homelessness once and for all.  

The project is a partnership between Homelessness Charter signatory organisations including One Roof Leicester and Leicester’s Red Cross Refugee Support Service.  

“One of Leicester’s Homelessness Charter’s objectives is to ensure that anyone with no recourse to public funds has access to safe accommodation when needed. This funding will help us to explore this gap in provision further and move towards solutions. We have identified that the voices of people affected are often missing and therefore we’re delighted to have this opportunity to make sure they are heard.”

Eilidh Stringer, Development Manager, Leicester’s Homelessness Charter

After an initial research period, the stories of people affected by migrant homelessness in Leicester, will be shared as part of an online collection. The work will form the basis for creation of a local action plan, led by Leicester’s Homelessness Charter, to ensure that anyone with no recourse to public funds can access independent advice and safe accommodation when needed.

“World Habitat is delighted to support the work of Leicester’s Homelessness Charter with this grant from the EESHC Innovation Fund. People who experience homelessness and have no recourse to public funds are some of the most vulnerable and marginalised people in the UK. This important work will help organisations in the Charter to better understand the needs of this group of people and enable those organisations to work together to ensure everyone facing homelessness is treated with dignity and respect.”

Patrick Duce, Programme Lead (Homelessness), World Habitat

For more information please contact Eilidh Stringer at eilidh.stringer@actionhomeless.org.uk