Today, a report has been published by Leicester’s Homelessness Charter, which details the local approaches to preventing and responding to homelessness in Leicester. It points to crucial partnership work that has led to new initiatives and projects set up to find solutions for people facing homelessness within the City.

Three years on from the launch in 2018, Leicester’s Homelessness Charter continues to bring a range of charities, statutory agencies, community groups, businesses and individuals together to look at issues affecting people at risk of homelessness or without a home. This collaborative approach has been particularly crucial during the Covid-19 pandemic, through which demand for homelessness support has continued to increase.

Over the last year Leicester’s Homelessness Charter, along with its partners and signatories, has instigated new work to further improve local homelessness systems. Notably, it has supported the development of a lived experience forum which sees people with direct and personal experience of homelessness in Leicester coming together on a regular basis to share their feedback, insight and expertise. It has also launched a new stream of work which focuses on people who face homelessness but have no recourse to public funds, a condition which prevents them from accessing a range of benefits, and makes finding accommodation and support even more challenging.   

Download and read the full report here.