One of Leicester’s Homelessness Charter’s objectives is ‘to ensure that anyone with no recourse to public funds (NRPF) has access to safe accommodation when needed’. Aside from what was provided during the Covid-19 response, there is very little accommodation open to people with NRPF in Leicester and only a few charities are able to offer limited housing.

In order to explore this gap in provision further and create an action plan, Leicester’s Homelessness Charter has set up a sub-committee group dedicated to the issue. The group has representatives from the Homelessness Charter, The British Red Cross Refugee Support Team, One Roof Leicester and the Diocese of Leicester. As a group we want to better understand the number of people who are residing in Leicester who have no recourse to public funds and face homelessness. Currently the information we and other partners have is very limited. By capturing data and testimonies we will be able:

  • To gain a deeper understanding of the number of individuals in Leicester who face homelessness and are unable to access accommodation and support due to their immigration status or NRPF conditions.
  • To highlight the difficulties faced by this particular group of people to prompt further discussion about solutions.
  • To create a series of stories detailing personal and real experiences which will be published and shared widely across the city.
  • To encourage local people, groups and institutions to make this Charter objective a priority for the City

To gather this information we require your support. We have created two Google Forms, one for capturing data and the other for stories/testimonies direct from people affected by homelessness . Both are anonymised so that individuals can be assured that they cannot be traced by taking part. We would appreciate it if you could conduct the survey/stories between now and 31st July 2021. If you require additional support to complete the forms or require paper copies please email

Thank you in advance for your support and cooperation.

Link to survey

Link to stories